Research Associate – Cell and Molecular Biology

Caraway Therapeutics is an early state biopharmaceutical company developing novel treatments for neurodegenerative and rare diseases. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Caraway is seeking a Research Associate to join our scientific team. Responsibilities include the maintenance and development of cell lines, and performing various biological assays in the lab such as ELISA, Western blotting, and high content imaging.


  • BA/BS in Biology or a related field
  • Hands-on experience in laboratory work
  • Experience in cell culture techniques
  • Experience with basic molecular biology and biochemical assays

Authorization to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment.


This is your chance to join an exciting company seeking to develop precision treatments for neurodegenerative and rare diseases.  We are looking for a passionate scientist who can focus both on details and the big picture to help us advance our programs.   The successful candidate will integrate productively with a talented team and will be an exceptional colleague.

The company’s targeted approaches leverage human genetic data and unique biological expertise to identify and develop small molecules that enhance autophagy and mitophagy, accelerating the clearance of toxic materials and dysfunctional cellular machinery.

The rigorous, scientific product engine is founded by renowned academic and industry leaders Tim Harris, Wade Harper, and Ivan Dikic, and backed by AbbVie, Alexandria, Amgen, Dementia Discovery Fund, Eisai, Merck, and SV Health.  The company is based in Cambridge, MA.

Major Responsibilities

  • Perform manual patch clamp to generate E/IC50s for compounds to support our discovery programs
  • Record experimental parameters and detailed results and observations
  • Analyze experiments including statistical analysis of data
  • Present experimental results to multifunctional project teams
  • Teach more junior members of the team how to patch clamp
  • Interact with our chemistry and pharmacology groups to coordinate prioritization of efforts


  • PhD in biology or a related field
  • 5+ years patch clamp experience
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Demonstrated mentorship ability
  • Excellent recordkeeping skills and computer literacy (including the use of spreadsheets, graphing programs, and databases)
  • Industry experience is a plus

Authorization to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment.