Head of Chemistry

About Caraway

Caraway is an emerging biopharmaceutical company utilizing proprietary precision drug candidates for the treatment of debilitating neurodegenerative diseases by preserving neurons to enable them to accelerate the clearance of toxic materials and defective cellular components.

The rigorous, scientific product engine has a strong backing by renowned academic and industry leaders Tim Harris, PhD, DSc; Wade Harper, PhD; and Ivan Dikic, PhD; and backed by series A investors AbbVie, Alexandria, Amgen, Dementia Discovery Fund, Merck, SV and Mayo Clinic.  We are based in Technology Square, Cambridge, MA.

Major Responsibilities

The successful candidate will assume primary responsibility in providing chemistry support to Caraway’s discovery teams and support novel small molecule assets from preclinical through clinical development. The Med Chem/Early development leader will:

  • Develop and implement comprehensive med chem strategies to support discovery efforts and work closely with project teams to implement plans
  • Supervise external chemists on synthesis of target molecules
  • Supervise discovery stage in vitro and in vivo DMPK and safety through partnership with CROs
  • Develop and execute on plans for hit to lead, lead optimization, and development candidate selection
  • Ideally, lead a team of internal and external consultants in execution of an IND application
  • Validate and develop hits from a high throughput screen



  • Must have 15+ years of experience in the pharma/ biotechnology industry
  • D. in chemistry
  • Track record of advancing novel therapeutic agents from discovery into preclinical and subsequent clinical development
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully selecting and managing CROs and CMOs to provide high quality, timely and on-budget studies and product
  • Extraordinary communicator and collaborator within the organization and external parties
  • Strong interpersonal skills