MERCK & CO., INC Rahway, NJ, USA
(known as MSD outside the United States and Canada)

Effective Nov. 20th, 2023 Caraway Therapeutics, Inc.,
a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. (Rahway, New Jersey USA)

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Scientific Advisors

John Lowe
John Lowe, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Founder, JL3 Pharma; Former Medicinal Chemist at Pfizer

John Lowe, III, PhD, has 30 years’ experience as a medicinal chemist in the antibiotics, inflammation, lead discovery, and neuroscience therapeutic areas.

Founding JL3 Pharma over a decade ago, Dr. Lowe consults for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries providing counsel on drug discovery projects in his specialties of medicinal chemistry, drug design, and synthetic organic chemistry. He spent 30 years as a medicinal chemist working in drug discovery and development at Pfizer, Inc. Dr. Lowe co-discovered the first nonpeptide Substance P (NK1) receptor antagonist, CP-96,345 and the novel, atypical antipsychotic drug, ziprasidone (Geodon).

Dr. Lowe received his bachelor’s degree in history and chemistry from Williams College. He received his doctorate degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of California and conducted his post-doctorate work at Stanford University.